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The Mono Diet (The Mono Meal Diet). Is It Really Good for Losing Weight.

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The Mono Diet (The Mono Meal Diet). Is It Really Good for Losing Weight?

Among the detox diets to eliminate toxins from our body, the mono diet is becoming more and more popular. But what type of diet is it, and is it safe for our organism?
The Diet to Eliminate Toxins
There are lots of toxins that accumulate in our body from different sources: pollution, tobacco, alcohol, energy drinks, food additives... Several diets have been developed to eliminate all these toxins from our body, such as fasting, for example. The mono diet is also part of these "miracle" diets whose objective is to purify our organism.

Regenerating Our Organs.
The goal is to regenerate our organs, mainly the intestine, which accumulates the greatest number of toxins!
To detoxify the body, the mono diet is usually done in the following manner: count three days of preparation, three days of diet based on a single food, and three days of return to normal. On the first day of preparation, remove sugar, fat and meats. On the second day, it is necessary to eliminate cereals, dairy products and fish. On the third day, eat only fruits and vegetables. You can then begin your three-day diet, for example, an apple-based one, while drinking plenty of water. After three days, resume your usual diet.

A Diet That Is Not Without Danger.
Currently, no medical studies can prove the beneficial effects of a mono diet. many testimonials darken the picture with adverse effects: intestinal disorders, stomach ache, weight gain, great fatigue, etc. Thus, eating only one food for three days could have adverse effects on your organism.
Professionals say it is a hazardous diet and do not recommend it.

How Can You Purify Your Organism?
There are many techniques to purify your body! First, practicing physical activity is essential to detoxify your body. Second, by eating only whole fruits & vegetables for two days, or by limiting red meats and fats.

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