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Only Eating potatoes for two weeks | The Potato Diet Challenge

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I ate only potatoes for two weeks. I lost 15 lbs and was super low on energy, but was an interesting diet experiment.

Video Transcription
For two weeks, I only ate potatoes.
This is what happened over the two weeks.
I ate 18 premium baby red 58 russet potatoes which is a total of 26 pounds of potatoes.

It's the day before I start my diet, mm-hmm. This is probably not the best way to spend that day. I got all this candy for Christmas. I want eat it; I figured hit up the buffet before I go for the diet.

After eating anything I wanted yesterday, today, day one, I'm going to eat...
I'm going to fast. I'm not gonna eat anything today and just drink water.

Day two - I'm about to eat my very first potato. The first food I've had in over 24 hours. I'm just going to microwave this one.
I'm not really sure if that, uh-hhh, sure if that looks super appetizing. It's hot
Holy crud it's hot. Smells good though.
That's like weirdly satisfying. I'm not sure if, I'm not really, like, hungry, like, I need to eat, but I also feel like maybe if I eat this, I'll stop fantasizing about eating everything else and I'll break that fast. So, maybe that will help although I should have water.
It's actually really good. I wish I made a couple. Definitely hot. hot! It was good.
I think I'm gonna go have some more.

Day 3
Besides fantasizing about eating all the time, one of the hard unexpected parts is explaining the diet to people.
Do you like coffee?
I do, but I am actually on this weird diet.
Life Goes on.

You want my good angle? It is all the way up here.
Remember when I told you about the potato diet?
You had said you were thinking about it the night before and then I made a nice dinner for you and you looked at it went, "no, I'm not eating that. I'm only eating potatoes," and I was mad.
I think it's a fad diet and it's really out of character for you to do a fad diet.
The potato diet is a fad diet, and you got mad when I put bay leaves in the water, not bay leaves, basil.

You're gonna slip salt and stuff in it for some reason.
You were going to hijinx ... hijack my potato diet. My potato diet.

I am angry at your potato diet. If it works, I'll be mad cuz I can't do it.

Injecting your potatoes with butter. I wasn't supposed to do that

Day 12
and I have to say feeling a bit lethargic the last few days been so excited and woke up crazy early and getting a bunch of work done in here but today I just ... not that one I go to bed I just don't want to move it's day 14 and kind of feel like I might be going crazy a little bit.

What do you think about now that, now that, it's the last day.

I have nothing to think about it. I still think it's a stupid thing to do.

I cannot eat another potato. I can taste it. I can feel the texture without without having to actually eaten it.
I've also noticed that I'm a little fidgety and harder for me to focus so
I've been paced. I've been pacing a lot.
The interesting thing is even though I can't eat another potato, I don't really feel hungry. Yeah, I think I hit like a...
where I can't focus, but I can like I can think. And I feel actually feel pretty good. I actually haven't eaten anything today, but I'm not. I'm starting to get a little hungry.

Sound like a teenage girl; just eats freaking food.

I've liked this diet because you put away the food cuz you don't want to look at (laugh) it. Usually when I get home, the food is gone cuz you've eaten it all. Now you just don't want to look at it, so you put it in the fridge (laugh). That's the only good; that's the benefit of your stupid bad diet.

I sit down I have I really struggle to get any work done I have some videos that I need to do and I just... I can make slow, slow progress. Luckily today I don't have to get anything done. I'm just going to sit around and wait till midnight.
It's 2:30 a.m. Can you hear that (stomach).
I'm gonna eat some real food.
Let's get a mix

I am a little nervous about proportions, just because I've eaten no potatoes yesterday. Here we go. Let's start with yogurt.
I'm almost a little nervous.

Wait a second, I know what you're thinking.
How much weight did you lose?
Well, a few weeks before he did this I weighed in at the doctor's office which was 247 pounds and then on the last day of my potato diet I weighed in at a local gym at 232. Doing that math real quick, that is 15 pounds, so about a little over a pound a day just from just eating potatoes.

No doctor in their right mind would recommend this diet. So, don't think about doing this diet. I mean try it with plain vegetables if you want to, but don't just go on a potato diet. Yeah, because they found out that Penn Jillette has done it and they're, "like, oh, yeah, that totally makes sense and as a smart thing to do if a celebrity does it."

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