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3 weight loss foods – efficient and best | Hehev #WeightLoss

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3 weight loss foods – efficient and best.
If you are trying to lose weight or just want to eat a healthy diet, the following three foods will appear on your weight loss menu.

1. Lean meat.
Lean meat is high in protein and low in fat. As a result, it will help digestion efficiently and provide enough muscle, but will not increase fat. For this reason, bodybuilders often eat lean meat.

The lean meats you should eat, including chicken breast, shrimp, and beef. Eggs are also a rich source of protein, but noticeably less energy.

2. Fresh foods
Fresh foods always contain the most balanced food sources. Processed foods are often compressed or contain only essential nutrients such as starch, protein and fat. Meanwhile, vitamins, minerals, and even beneficial enzymes have disappeared.

Some fresh foods you should eat.

– Fat: Vegetable fat from nuts, fruits like sesame, avocado … are things that you should eat a lot.

– Starch: Whole grains, or rough milling like brown rice, corn. Roots such as cassava, potatoes …

– Fiber, vitamins and mineral salts: Common vegetables such as spinach, amaranth, cruciferous vegetables … and fruits are all sources of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts. Avoid processed fruits and vegetables like salt, dried.

– Protein: Prioritize the freshest meats possible or pasteurized fresh milk. Avoid processed meats and protein such as smoking, salting, and drying.

3. Fiber-rich foods.
Since fiber has a slower digestion time, it lasts longer in the digestive system. This means that you will feel fuller longer when you eat foods high in fiber. Thanks to this effect, you will eat less junk food or too much to lose weight quickly.

Adults should consume 25 g of fiber per day for women and 38 g for men. 100 g of vegetables usually contain about 1 – 5 g of fiber, combining them with fiber from other grains, fresh fruits to absorb more fiber.

Top 5 High Fiber Foods.
a. Grain.
In the past, the term “cereal” was used to refer to five types of grain, including rice, sorghum, kumquat, barley, and mulberry. Today, the concept of grain refers to all grains of food obtained by planting.
Cereals treated with an outer shell become a source of both starchy foods and foods high in fiber. These include brown rice, whole grain flour, millet … You can cook porridge or mix with fresh milk to enjoy hunger.

b. Kinds of bean.
Green beans, red beans, soybeans are not only seeds for cooking, but also high-fiber dietary grains. 100 g of legumes may contain up to 16 g of fiber. The preparation of mixed rice with beans has recently become a very common trend in reducing the absorption of starch from white rice, which causes the accumulation of fat.

c. Vegetables.
You do not need to explore too deeply, everyone knows that vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, which people have used for thousands of years.

In tropical countries such as Asia, vegetables are plentiful and diverse, so they are fairly easy to choose. Morning glory, spinach, pumpkin, amaranth, lettuce, lettuce, carrots, donuts, radishes, etc. are all excellent sources of fiber.

d. Dried nuts.
Almonds, peanuts and cashews are good sources of food for weight loss. Most of them are healthy fats and fiber. This is ideal because healthy plant fats often act as fuel before burning a substance that helps stimulate body fat burning.

e. fruit.
Similar to vegetables, fruits are a common source of fiber. However, when eating fruit, experts should eat it directly. Do not squeeze water to drink because most of the fiber is in the pulp.

Wish you good luck and success.

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